Anthony Walters - Zoids [epic vocal soundtrack]

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Zoids [epic vocal soundtrack]
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Here comes the Zoids, they are scaaaryyy This remix I made for the AROK tribute remix compo by The reason I choose Zoids: This is my favorite tune of Rob Hubbard and I had this specific orchestrated version in my mind for years, but never had the right tools yet to implement this ideas into a real piece of music. The time I uploaded my Hessian remix, Ryrynz mentioned in the comment section some similarities to the Zoids tune and that I should do Zoids next..  Finally this Zoids track was a very big project and also very hungry on RAM, 32 Gigabytes in RAM shared across 14 different sample Libraries and 40+ audio tracks, 7 minutes of SSD loading time to open this Cubase project, 2 weeks of worktime until the song was finished... also writing lyrics to a song wich was never intended to have lyrics was very challenging - so here it is - my cinematic version of Zoids driven by very large drums, epic vocals by Vera M. van Bergh / myself .. and the story of a coming war... featuring weapons with multiple functions Enjoy, and again thanks for your votes and likes!



Zoids [epic vocal soundtrack]
Yep, it's epic, that's so true :-)
In my opinion the true winner of the Arok compo. Excellent! Nothing compares.
No argument here - epic! <3 More please!
Very close to being a red. Something about the vocal's doesn't seem to have been well mastered but they are very good besides. Good Stuff! Mind.
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It's epic! It's vocal! Wait... it actually has lyrics! OMG! And now it's a duet! OMG x 2! Massive respects for this vocal-heavy cinematic composition. Great job on the heavy drums, too. Truly: epic!

I think if you weren't constrained by the 2020 remix compo's 4:30 limit, this would've been longer, too.