Axes Denied - Bubble Bobble

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Good stuff this.
This is great fun, plenty of cute touches and electric guitar to boot. I can imagine this being played live (oops, it might be in November ;) to great effect. What fun!
For once a GOOD version of Bubble Bobbel. The original tune isn't easy to remix without getting a boring remix that sounds exactly like all the other BBremixes, but I really like this one! Good work!!
Original for bubble
Orginality 100%. Allthough I'm so fed up with the original after playing the game too much on the C64, Amiga and Arcade, I have to give it a very good.
It has its flaws, but it's unique, very inspired and far away from mainstream, so the red one is well earned.
Was pretty good and kinda funny use of vocal in this happy-go-lucky song.
Great Stuff!
A nice mix of this well known tune. The vocal section was a nice little touch
Great mix, reminds me of an American sit com theme tune for some reason!
Cool Remix ;-)
This was pretty cool. The guitar entrance reminded me of 90210. Haha.
Very funny! And becoming beautiful later on.
Fun to listen, even if I'd prefer all-instrumental, I can imagine 3000 people shouting that 'hey' when this is performed live ;)
Flaws in the bass, timing issues! Could've been so great if the execution would be more accurate.
Imaginative tune
Varied and imaginative.
Review by winc


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Bubble Booble in my opinion is probably one of the hardest songs to really make into something "serious" it has a tune which is... well... just too "cute" to make into something like rock, or jazz... but I have seen some very good attempts in the past.

This song certainly has the making of one of the better ones - though I feel it has some technical issues where certain things just don't "fit" with the way it starts. The singing for example in this song in my opinion hurt the song more then if he had used another instrument or even continued to use the guitars. And the "hey" part in the song felt ... like it just took the song back into the "silly" realm again - while before and even after that the guitar piece was outstanding.

Overall the piece was well put together for rock from a ... well "cute" song. With some of the technical issues dealt with I felt this could have been a great 90% plus piece.

Remember of course that these are my opinions

Either way - great work and certainly this song is a great listen...