Chronberg - Fairlight (East Sussex remix)

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Chronberg Veteran
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Nice sound and good mixing, only the drums are a bit monotone.
Simply amazing! Very nice made. Ur mixing is simply just getting better and better. Cant wait for ur next Remix :D
Wow, this sounds so 90'ies Dancepop. Generally well produced but a tad boring. And what's with the wild and annoying portamento in the beginning?
Great production quality but could have done without the extreme portamento at start and not such an abrupt "unfinished" ending. Very uplifting and a definite save.
Good little funk/dance version this and kudos for doing something different with the subject matter too, think your only like the 3rd person to move away from doing an orchestra version.. Good stuff
The best version of this tune!
I just love your style Chronberg!
Interesting style experiment! Fresh!
This is really good, something very different! Great production, but the ending sounds as abrupt as the beginning. But very fresh, very nicely done! The piano backing is a nice touch, too.
Liked it, good work :)
Very bouncy and nice! Love your style!
Nice and fresh!
The original melody is annoying, never liked that one :) Bad choice IMO.
Really GREAT version of the fairlight SID! So fresh and inspiring stylish!! GREAT STUFF! Give us MORE like that (this goes to ALL remixers on here, please!!;-) )
Interesting idea, but the execution is somehow not right for me. The high notes are just a bit too ear-piercing and need more care in the mix.
I never know what to expect from Chronblom but whatever he turns out just for me hits the right spot. Again, nail on head hit! More please in whatever style you want!
This wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but I caught my foot following the beat, so my foot decides this time!
While I like Fairlight... That's not valid for this remix... And the high frequencies are hurting my ears...
My style of tune
Very good remix of fairlight even if the main theme is a bit override by other instruments
I don't like this remix... Really, I don't like it.

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