Chronberg - Trivia Ultimate Challenge - Kitsch mix

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Usual high Chronblom production value, but the tune/style just fails to exite me. Could work as backing for a Benny Hill skit, though.=)
Bwahahahaha! Chronblom, you're my hero! There are a few flaws, but part from that I think this is awesome! :D
Certainly not one of chronbloms finest moments.
This reminds me of the Double Six club type vibe, where this sort of tune would play as you played board games. It's just a bit too cheesy on the kitsch side, but it works well. Other tunes suit this style better though.
In a way you are a genius. You have an extremely width in your music. If the trumpet player hadn´t been drunk it would have been even better.:)
*hehe* makes the morning more pleasant... Man, I am tired :-)
My comment is... LOL!! Hehe, sorry I dont like this tune, but it's very funny, Plus, I have to congratulate to you: or there are many people behind the Chronblom project, or your musical range is very wide and complete. ;-) keep up your work!
Well well again chromblom Makes a new track and this sure is a new style haha its funny! :> and the quality is great.
Not my cup of tea, but good instruments
Strangly enough.. I like this.. It made me smile listening to it and its still making me smile now, great stuff chrom
Quite good jazz-style
Must say ive heard a LOT better from Chronblom but again, itrs an aural delight of inventivness
I like the idea/rythm, but the lead instrument kills it for me (sounds out of tune and same effect used on it too many times)
First few seconds got me laughing out loud. Sorry can't vote anything worse. :D
This not even a real trumpet, is it? The artificially added flaws to make it sound more real get on my nerves. This is below the quality I'm used to from Chronblom. Probably this is meant to be funny, but I don't feel like laughing when I hear this.
Funny music, but somes instruments glitches...
Pwweeaaaap. Happy and messy :) but still "very good"
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This is nice! Nice trumpet sound, walking bass etc. It stands between seriousness and hilarity! My only objection is that I would prefer real swinging drums (loads of ride cymbals and beats 2 and 4 to be the dominant ones instead of the usual 1 and 3 rock beat). I like it a lot though, I'll include it in my "Incredibly Strange Music" collection!