Dragon Ninja Title Remix

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Dragon Ninja Title Remix
Arranged by:
CZ Tunes Veteran
Composed by:
Jonathan Dunn
All-Time charts position:

Hi there.


This is my newest remix.

I hope you like it ;)


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C64 Music by: Jonathan Dunn
Good arrangement let down by some substandard mixing. It just seems a bit muddy, which is a shame. It kicks in pretty nicely and has get up and go.
Nice arrangement. Mix needs more punch, and a new set of dance drum samples wouldn't hurt either.
OK stuff, but not that catchy
Nothing that I would call "Outstanding". But I've heard already worse :-)
Pretty standard stuff, so-so instruments make the otherwise fairly good arrangement a bit boring.
Good atmosphere! But something's wrong with this remix, I can't tell what it is. Just an odd feeling!
Not going to set the world on fire, nothing wrong with it, non offending trancey type stuff.
Maybe a bit better than average.
Heard much better, have heard worse. Decent.
Kind of a standard affair from CZ
One of his better remixes :-)
Very good, this was one of my favourite SIDs from my childhood. The only thing holding it back is some of the samples are a little quiet where they could be a bit stronger. But I love it anyway.
What a shame. Just an average yellow one. This one deserves far more. Good sound. Giving a good mood. I dont care about arrangement as long as it sounds that good ;o)
Simply amazing. Very underrated tune

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