Dafunk - Beyond the Tears of my Heart

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Arranged by:
Dafunk Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Thomas Mogensen & Søren Lund
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Very good arrangement. But the piano sounds a bit muddy. Overall mastering could be better though...
I'm happy... I got a new track to play in my car.....
I wanted it to go on with some freestyle... Sudden fade out, but a great vibe.
Good one, Dafunk. Never heard a bad song from you. :) But one thing about the song: The strings at 2:20-2:55 sound a bit off their mark? (rythm-wise)
This is fantastic work, gives me chills but also is very relaxing if slightly too short
B-E-A-Utiful! Would have liked to hear a conclusion instead of a fade out though. No points deducted for cheating though :)
Nice to hear a different style from Dafunk recently! Goes a little in the direction of moog and Beezerk, very nice! Good use of the electric guitar!
Very good! Nice choice of Instruments.
Brilliant work!
Excellent work! I just absolutely love that kind of "worn" sound the piano got. Beautiful remix!
As always. You rock!:)
Very inspirational. This has the feel of a classic. The piano and other effects are all balanced.
Does need to be longer - but its still come in your pants music
Dafunk at his best!
Lovely, even if the piano sounds rather muddy to begin with.
Quite chilly... Like it
Brilliantly arranged. The ending is a bit disappointing, plus I am undecided on the muddy piano. Otherwise, it's awesome... Lyrics, this remix needs lyrics!
Great stuff.
Nice remix!
It went straight into my heart, thank you :)
A great mix, could have had better mastering, and I'm not a big fan of fading out tunes.
One of the best remixes
Very good mix, nice instruments
I need time to listen to it again but is very good
A very nice and subtle quality to the mix is making a fairly ordinary ballad interesting.:)
Simply outstanding.
My favorite remix!
Remixing at its best. Top notch stuff. Hats off!
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Listening to this gives me goosebumps, the arrangement is simply brilliant, mellow and relaxing but too short, any chance of an extended version? Its straight on my ipod, and definetely one of my favourites from dafunk