DJ Czyszy - Delta Zero

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A heavy chip-metal arrangement of the theme from Delta originally composed by the legendary Rob Hubbard.

Quite nice but rather... Unfinished.
There's SO many Delta remixes out there that a new one would have to be pretty outstanding. Unfortunately, this is Delta By Numbers, including incorrect chords and sounds like a Work-in-Progress.
Enjoyed this somewhat, but again - It's "just another Delta". Remixing a track that's already been remixed numerous times requires you to go the extra mile. No extra mile here.
Same remix style as the Lightforce track. But it works better for Lightforce than it does for Delta. Still not a bad track but it's in need of more 'love & attention' for it to become truly good.
Its a nice "meaty" and competent remix the drumfill at the end left me thinking it was gonna break into new territory but then it stopped
There are some really interesting riffs in this remix, I quite like them, the drums are good, unfortunately, the tune is just too short and the lack of a proper intro hurts. The mixing is a bit muddy, too.
Its starts really well and all the instruments are fine especially the drums, but why so short?
Short but bad!
Very good hard rock mix. A bit too short but I like it! Very good job.
Nothing really special among those other 10000000000 (better) remixes of this one...
I heard a correct chord in there somewhere! Nice :)

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