Dr Future - Gem'X (Instrumental Edit Eat This)

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Done by great demand after the vocal-edit.

Great, straight-forward remix with nice guitars!
Much nicer without the rapping.. Great guitar!
That guitar is schweeet. I actually liked the other version better, although this still deserves an Outstanding-rate in my opinion.
Music is great. Period :) For me, the winner of recent Gem-X bloom.
Typical Dr Future stuff, makes me happy!
Both this and the version with vocals are great remixes of this iconic tune.
Good stuff, and really nice to see vocals weren't needed this time around. I prefer this version.
Damn! With or without the rap, this remix is just awesome!
Wow, this version blew my mind away! Totally masterpiece. So right and so sharp! Outstanding guitar solos!
Now that's much better, thanks for releasing an instrumental version.
Same as rap version, excellent guitars :)
Very clear mix! Love the different instruments and the bonedry snare!
I really do like this.. The drums get a little boring after a while though, could have done with a little more variation as the rest of the tune is great stuff, and thank god the vocals are gone.. Sorry but they were pretty bad.
So much better without the rap. Takes it to a whole new level. The guitar leads are absolutely perfect. Red for this one :D
Very nice! I only have a problem with the combination of the guitar and the drums, they don't seem to fit together somehow. Solid guitar work!
That's the way to go, Volker... GREAT!!! :D
Actually, I haven't thought it possible, but it turned out even better than expected without vocals. That's fan-service! And it's a serious rival to the other recent Gem'X by Mordi. Can't say which one's better - I like them both!
Excellent guitar riffs
I love gemx's music. Dr Future knows how to make perfect remix!
Oh great, Gem'X Hip Hop remix, sweet idea! What, there is a rap version? :D 2:46 reminds me of Titanic Soundtrack :)

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