Dr Future - Hollywood Poker Pro (All In 2007)

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Dr Future Veteran
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Bloody hell! This is just so well mixed I'm melting! The singing is a bit off from time to time, and the lyrics feel a bit cheesy... But hey, I'm in a forgiving mood. I really like this.:)
Let's go 80's pop GALORE! Really nice production even though the lyrics and singing is more of a 'WTF'-stylee...;)
Nice instrumentation, but a BIG minus for these vocals.
Very nice retro discostyle!
Thought about giving an orange one because of the vocals that are sometimes a bit out of pitch, but hell, the idea is great, great composition around the original theme, gread idea to add vocals, great mixing/mastering, great overall, so there... Red one
Nice work, but the vocals are just too annoying. Big thanks for dj Paralax for the clean version.
The vocals!
Nice 80s style!
Pitch-corretion, PLEASE :) You can't sing mate. But, vocals get me interested anyway, and nice try. They were at least clean and crisp. But so out of tune. It ruins it a little. But overall a nice track. (but Parallax made it better, though)
Great work!
Nice Idea. Well done!^^

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