Carpe Diem

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Carpe Diem
Arranged by:
Emre Bulsat Veteran
Composed by:
László Simon (Roy)
All-Time charts position:

I wanted to reflect the 90’s dance again with this arrangement.Beginning with fm radio noise like intro and finishing with orginal sid tune which is delayed.I used my known trance instruments,strings,drumkits and a little bit Rock Organ.(I like it)



I kinda like this remix but something is missing. The lead sounds somewhat thin and too much reverb on it I think
I just love how this tune sounds like it was remixed by Allister Brimble! Skitz is right in saying there's something missing, but I had to up the vote because of the great early 90s sound!:)
There's some nice bits here, but.. And this is a big but, the lead is pretty weak on the whole, and doesn't quite cut it. Real shame, as the rest of it had a good club feel and would make a great tune. It does show promise though.
Well produced 90s style dance tune.
There is a club this would be well placed in around here, but otherwise nothing special
Love some of the sounds. Reminiscent of the early 90's dance scene. It sounds a little like A-E-I-O-U by Freeze, and some of the human choir samples are a bit like Capella from the same era... Fairly simple, but enjoyable :)
I really like emre's stuff he has a touch that he puts to things that is quite unique, its not perfect but what it is is very pleasing to the ears.
Good, but not great, it misses that little extra crisp.
Nice... However, something is missing in it to make it go higher for my vote.
Good one! But not my style.
Like especially these metallic sequences.
The lead is weak but the rest is lovelly and so so easy to listen to - nice effort
Starts promising but then loses it's impact somehow... Shame, it could have been quite a great club track. But it kinda grew on me, so vote upgraded!
The lead sound is a bit weak, the melody-line a bit on the simple side (not Emre's fault), but the rest sounds pretty good.
First minute of it is really promising. But I second my other parties here: The lead doesn't fit too well and takes it down in the end.
Very good theme, a bit repetitive

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