Strike Force Intromusic

Track info
Arranged by:
Emre Bulsat Veteran
Composed by:
Michael Hendriks
All-Time charts position:
This is my 2nd favorite tune.It is used in "Fighter Bomber" is beginning.
if you don't like the intro,you can delete first 33 seconds.
This remix can be my the last remix at 2006.
My final exams are coming.
Don't forget me on Roty...
Stay happy
Pretty nice. Relies a bit too much on the original, could use a few fresh ideas.
A bit too much original SID, but it still works pretty well.
Not bad, could have done without the sid intro tho
Pretty nice, but he could made the transition from the intro smoother...... And lose that keyboard thingy...
What a cop out using chunks of the original SID in the intro. If he instead had concentrated on just doing his mix it would have sounded a lot better. And that lead is horrid!
Its ok
Cut the first 33 seconds OFF - POINTLESS! Apart from that it's a solid remix albeit just a one-to-one cover...
-3: some disharmonics, intro useless, too much SIDs in it, very repetitive, no variations at all...
Nice idea with the intro, does not work here, though. Technically very good.
I am so disappointed. I was all set to give this an orange. Ignoring the intro, the beginning starts great, right up my particular street. Was really digging the sound of things until the lead started. Has ruined the whole thing for me, such a pity.
For the intro I would have liked it way better if it had faded into the 'new style' instead of fading out the SID and then starting off 'new'! Some more variety in the remix would have worked out way more as well, as already written here from others!
OK stuff, but it's been done before...
One of my fav sid tunes, nice conversion
Nice idea, but little new things.
Starts out very promising, but it quickly slides into mediocre. The instruments get annoying as the tune progresses. Great groove, but no variations.
Well, I like it, instead of that Intro......
Bass and Drum let down what could have been a better track.
Some odd tones in it. Don't know if they are in the original SID, too. And the SID intro at the beginning should've been left out.
Don't Listen to these ppl, they have no soul beyond trance techno lameness, you did great. Kept it true to the sid and sound, and freshened it up. Good job,
A good song, but the lead really messed up sometimes.

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