The Trust

Track info
Arranged by:
Emre Bulsat Veteran
Composed by:
Anders Elmén (Moon)
All-Time charts position:
The instruments might sound a little flat in places, but otherwise this marks a good improvement by Emre. Nice feel to the whole piece.
Nothing wrong with this remix but it lacks that certain something... Great drum-riff though..
Nice and mellow arrangement. Lacks esprit though.
Sounds a little blunt and a lifeless in the lead.. The backing is rather nice mind.
Opening lead sounds very flat and the piece lacks any inspiration in it
Very listenable - cool little punchy bass lends it a semi-authentic C64 feel, almost like sharing a single voice with percussion. Agree that some of the sounds aren't that good, but I like it nonetheless for its simplicity.
I expected much with the good intro, but the instruments were pretty weak, in overall it was okay.
Sounds good, but it seems like this tune is somehow holding back and doesn't really unveil itself. Which is a bummer bc it could've been so much better.
It's a little thin on the top but it still sounds pretty nice, and you can feel emre improving over and over again as he produces more and more, still enjoying listen to his stuff.
Meh... It's okay, but doesn't stir up my soul at all. It sounds flat and simple.
Too average in the whole. Hmm... I second what lman said. It simply lacks esprit. It's a nice tune overall but doesn't really sticks in mind afterwards.
Heh, I had in mind remixing the same tune! I really love moon's work, thank you for this!:)
Doesn't do anything special, but a nice tune nonetheless.
Ok, flat and a bit boring...

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