Gammasutra - Motor Massacre (Kraftwerk mix)

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Arranged by:
Gammasutra Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Ben Daglish
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Someone misunderstood this mix! The fx in the begin are made by myself and not a rip of kraftwerk... i give this title because my remix have something to do with kraftwerk works.
Kraftwerk? Really?
It has its nice moments, like the synth noise clap setting in at about 1:40.
Just, how boring?
Has it's moments, but for the most part sounds like a bad ST-XX. Mod on the Amiga...
Idea nice, execution not so. A bit on the dull side.
I'm pushed to give this average because its just so boring.
I thought the original was quite a bit more varied than this
Boring, repetetive and not very inspiring at all.. There is nothing really here to get excited about and the mix sits there flat as a 3 week old kipper and just as edible aurally.. Gamma has done alot better.
At first let me say that I like the other Gammasutra remixes, but this remix... The use of Kraftwerk samples form the Radioactivity LP doesn't make a good remix... The lead stinks, the rythm section doesn't groove.... Overall poor work...
Don't like the original and the remix is not any better.
Unfortunately it does drag and needs abit of life and variety.
Not sure why this is rated so low, I liked it alot. Kraftwerk not really, but that doesn't matter ofcourse.
Not bad
Seriously... I think you have worked a lot hardly, but the result is desolating.
Your getting a little yellow face just for the effort youve put in. I like some of the synth sounds, though my eyes did glaze slightly. Its not terrible.........
Have to listen real good to find the good moments. Barely made average.
Not as bad as some have suggested. I thought it was very in the Kraftwerk spirit, quite minimal, which I guess some found boring.
The choice of sounds is annoying. Doesn't sound like the Kraftwerk that I know.

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