Gamml - International Karate - Rock

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Arranged by:
Gamml Remixer
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Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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I've been waiting 23 years for a version like this, as it's always sounded like this in my head. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed after that wait! Outstanding effort on a difficult song. Slightly better post-production maybe but I'm not marking that down!
With better post-production (muddy) and some work on the drums (sound very artificial), this would have gotten an orange face, perhaps even a red one. The guitar work is excellent! All in all a very good effort!
Excellent. Perhaps a little too long but hey, it's not in your face and plays sublimly in the background
Superb guitars and is a serious contender for best IK mix ever, its only downfall is the mastering and EQ, you can hardly hear the bass and the drums are just functional, still very high quality work :)
Very nice :) its long but never boring or unlistenable
Like slaygon said, better mastering would have done a lot! I guess the guitar-playing is flawless (I can't judge that), but the arrangement is a bit too long, loosing speed and interest after a while... Otherwise, great work!
I might sound like a parrot here, so I'll make it short. Guitar: good. Bass, drums, mastering: bad. This has a lot of potential, so maybe do a version 2 of it?
Not bad at all, the "IK" spirit is in the song for sure! The drums could have been lower and the eq/mastering could have been better. Still nice indee-vibee :)
I agree with everyone... :p
Wow, an almost 1:1 cover! It needs some additional mastering (sound levels, better stereo separation, etc. ), but the instrumentation is good, it's a great rock-band version as is.
Great idea!
I agree with Amok :)
Exactly as LaLa said :) Those saying the tune is too long need to play the SID again ;)
Wow! A full-length remix of this great tune! Skillful lead guitar playing, I'm impressed. Too bad the other instruments sound so thin and MIDI-like!
Love this one! Excellent mixing!
Bad-ass guitars indeed! Unfortunatley the overall production value is low
Enjoyed it very much
Quite standard mix, nothing special

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