Hazel - Battle Squadron (In The Game)

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Hazel Veteran
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Nice Hazel-trademark sound, but too generic of such, sadly.
Nice mix as always and a bit odd to change the beat signature but a quite nice rendition of Battle Squadron.
Yeaaaaah! Outstanding! I can't stop listening to this one!
Very nice Track
A download for sure.
Great work as always hazel but zippy has said it- its changed just so slightly - but still nice
Hazel rocks!:-)
The sound is real cool, but the lead being kinda offset drives me nutz, it's ruining the remix totally! Why?!? Or is it only me? Otherwise, real cool!
Hazel is elite ;-) best commodore techno remixes ever!!!
Cool stuff!!!
An awesome tune. I really love your style, man. Youre my idol...;)
This is very good
Hey!!! Nice one! Great tribute to the original!
Rrrrrrrrr, what a blast!!!:-)
Nicely done.
Great remix
No, you are not alone, Instant Remedy. I'm with you. I really like the sound of it, but the oh-so-wrong-to-my-ears lead-shift is destroying the joy. I want to delete it again, but can't. Aargh. Tears me apart.
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Beautiful remix , beautifully written i must say it is one of the most beautiful I've heard so far