Hazel - Evelien (Only You)

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Hazel Veteran
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Those active-pills you seem to be taking, are they on prescription? I'd like some too. Anyway, this one sounds a little dull compared to some of your other work, except for the vocal part. Crisp and clear, though.
Nice, but the beat sounds very "dominant" on my headphones. I also particulary like the vocal part :)
Nice and unzy, and the vocal is lovely. It's all very mid 90's dance music to my ears (not a bad thing.. K-klass for instance).. As usual good stuff!
Nicely done. Kind of reminds me of das model somehow.
Very fine...... I w8 wher Hazel do music from Frantic or Rampage ;) plizz plizz plizz!
The sound is strong the drum is stomping, but overall it's a little boring, though. I guess the piano ruins it for me, though I usually like pianos.
As nice as it is, I can't give it any more than a yellow. It just sounds a bit boring and lifeless, almost "remix by numbers". And although it's produced to the usual high standards, it's not something I'd listen to again either.
A bit too stream-line sounding, but the vocals saves it from a yellow face!
Really sweet! Don't know who evelien is, but I think I like her
Hard to decide! Some of the sounds used in here are very nice, and I also like the singing. But as a whole, it doesn't really work for me. Cannot vote any worse than "Good" bc of its technical perfection, though.
Nice, but not the "Hazel level" I expected.

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