Infamous - Auf Wiedersehen Monty (ByeBye Monty mix)

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This was made for a remake of the game that unfortunately never came out, but I was quite proud of this tune so decided to put it up here, Poor little thing didnt deserve to sit there on my HD gathering dust.


Its a pretty 1:1 take on the original, I have taken a few liberties with the odd note here and there but seeing as quite alot of it was on the fly I think I can be allowed some concessions... and I had to make sure that the end looped around hence the sudden and slightly strange cut off but if you let it play it'll loop around forever and ever and ever and... ever.





Lots of energy and a great beat in Infamous' latest offering, and not overly cluttered with unnecessary sound. A few suspect notes but otherwise good
Uncluttered, upbeat, crunchy without being distorted. It's obvious that Infamous knows what he's doing. The intro does overstay its welcome, though.
Heard better Renmixes from da mighty Infamous (this one`s okay, nothing more - nothing less)
Agree with SarahKreuz. Not the best remix I've listened to. I miss some feelings in this mix.
Dry and heavy with some great additions. Some notes feel to be slightly off somehow here and there.
One of your best
Cool... Love it!!! The sounds and that rough overall feeling is just outstanding!!!
Great energy, nice 'n' bouncy. I really dig infamous' stuff! (but 128kbps? ! Really?!)
Rough and brutish, grungy and crunchy, dry like a desert. Definitely different, but I feel the arrangement should've went further into Crystal Method or Prodigy territory. Alas, it didn't...
Manages to capture the spookyness of the original before biting off a chunk of your head when it kicks in with a bouncy yet tight groove and instrumentation that to me should not gell yet somehow oddly fit together just fine

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