Kjetiln - Outrun Remix

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Arranged by:
Kjetiln Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Ian W. Crabtree
All-Time charts position:
Boring, boring, boring. Too many versions of the arcade game theme done in this style, and they all sound pretty similar. Even if it is well mixed nothing stands out.
How many dance remixes of this Arcade song do we need - I think we should have stopped with IR's version which is still the best imho! Teebee's rule though..
I think first half is good but other is not
Outrun remixes are ALWAYS welcome. Thanks for this!
Outrun atmosphere = zero! This remix is outrun by most other Outrun remixes, by far.
Meh. Too much arpeggio for my taste, too many stabbing instruments. Plus points for mixing both Outrun tunes into one, but there's simply nothing here we haven't already heard before, no original ideas.
First level good, secondo level excellent! (best 2nd lvl remix)
Unz with a bit too little inspiration. Not bad.
Very brave choice of SID. Nice to hear all sids (especially second one) but it's no more than good. It has potential (like a Fist remix) and I look forward to see it rearranged sometime :)
I love the original song, but this got some way too annoying instruments and lack of ideas while remixing...
I enjoyed it :) even with the arps...
I like it, good sounds...

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