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Since It's Binary, Baby! has gone off the radar for a while, I decided to release the remixes here on RKO. I will release one track per month in track order from the album. I decided to remaster the tracks. Not sure if they're better sounding or just different sounding, but they've been remastered from my original Renoise mixdowns.


I remember some mainstream music magazine reviewing the album, but can't remember which one. The reviewer wrote he hated vocoders, children's choir’s and flutes, and that I managed to tick two out of three boxes. As you can imagine, the review was pretty negative. The reviewer obviously didn't understand what he was reviewing, because he was completely unaware of the fact that it was remixed/reworked game music. I contacted him to point that fact out - not in an angry way, just in a: Cool you reviewed the album. Oh, btw, it's remixed game music... kind of way. He seemed a little startled by me contacting him and probably embarrassed that he hadn't paid very much attention to what he was reviewing. 

Anyway, moral of the story, there's no moral to this story.


Always liked the bass sound and groove of 90s Chemical Brothers. This was an attempt at that, but the tune went in a different direction during production.

I like the musical joke when I sing I was spellbound and then the flute plays Spellbound instead of Sanxion. How very whitty of me!


When listening back to my own voice in falsetto, I can't help but wonder how the hell I hit those high notes.

Another re-release from Makkes "It's binary, baby! " album. Every bit as good as it was 15 years ago(!)
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Sanxion! The one and only tune that I really like (like to remix as well). And flutes! I once made a flute remix, remember? But yeah, Makke knows his stuff, especially knows how to add voice & lyrics. Refreshing! (although I understand that this one isn't a new one … just hadn't heard it before)