Martin Dodd - Thanatos (dragon's dream mix)

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Martin Dodd Veteran
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The main theme was finally done using a Novation A Station though it started off using a piano type sound.

Was going to be named Thanatos Jarre Vs Vangelis remix.

This track wasn't planned. It was more of an exercise in getting to know my new software sequencer as I usually use an Rm1x to sequence tracks.  It just grew from there.

The seagull type FX sound at the end was done using a Novation Bass station with delay. 

The track is much slower than the original sid which gives it a different feeling.

Track is made using a combination of Software and Hardware synths.


Pleasant remix in the style of Jarre.
Great 'legacy' jarresque take on Thanatos here, beautifully put together.
Wow, very nice! More of this, please. Can't say much in terms of improvement. Maybe some harsh frequencies here and there. The fade-out is much too quick.
Jean M. Jarre meets Ayreon meets Rob Hubbard = Great. A few guitars here and there and this one would be totally Outstanding.
Wooooow! This one gives me goose bumps! Probably your best RMX!
Classic Jarre does Hubbard - very well done with lots of obvious musical clues borrowed from Jarre. Well put together, I really enjoy it!
Very good chillout remix. I like it.
A strange thing happens when you translate a Rob Hubbard tune from 8 bit to modern instrumentation. If its done well, which this most certainly is, it takes on a quality that makes it sound as though it was written yesterday, not 24 years ago. Timeless
Incredible! I thought only Donné can do Jarre style on this high level! There's a new competitor. Excellent work! Added to my collection.
You should have called it the Oxygene Remix. Great style!
My favorite remix of Thanatos (although Reyn's comes a close second)
Review by NecroPolo


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

As Hubbard often admitted, he loved to enter Jarre-land quite often to get inspiration from the synth wizard and adopting the pioneering spirit he created wonderful SIDs.

Because of that, Hubbard's tunes in Jarre-isque soundscapes feel to be extremely natural and smooth. Add musical finesse, attention of details and one step beyond the original way of thinking that expands the great base further and spice with classic warm Oxygene synth sounds = you get one of the nicest remixes this year.

For a subjective note, this is my most fav Thanatos remix to date.