Matteo Bosi - Bubble Bobble remix 2

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Matteo Bosi Veteran
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I actually had to laugh. Funny thing, this (if the wrong notes ARE, in fact, intentional) although nothing I want to hear, say... Twice?
Not my cup of tea, but it's faithfull to its style... Very well guitar playing.
Bubble bubble remixes are meant to sound silly and funny, and this does that brilliantly!
Silly stuff
A little better than the first shit, err: shot. Better mixing, better playing, better overall impression!
This is silly, funny, playful, cheerful - very nice! The mix is a bit rough on the edges, but the arrangement is great.
Hammond organ should have been banned years ago! :p but this is fine and the off notes just make me smile, I guess thats the intention?
Wow, this evokes images of old people dancing in some barn somewhere. Put a smile on my face.
I'm sure the V1 version was similar to this - but it's nice enough, even though it sounds like it should be a circus theme somewhere!!
One big laugh but great! Reminds me of german "Schützenfest". Like Scyphe said: Old people dancing in a barn... Funny.
Yes, boy! I see a parish fair, a third class band with a hammond organ and a guy selling plush-dragons and balloons and I regognize: This is Bubble Bobble as it was meant to be! Hooray for bad taste!

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