Mordi - Dazzler

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Most of the instruments are played live, including guitars, drums and percussion. Some of the organs are live as well - recorded using a MIDI-keyboard.

The choir parts are sung by Lea.

I learned the lead parts on guitar and originally wanted to play them live as well, but I'm simply not a good enough guitar player to make it sound good, so I opted for a synth.


The intro is pretty much a sloppy rendition of Summer Madness by Kool and the gang.

Nice and jazzy, skillfully done!
Oozes quality and class.
Very professionally done, this is as good as they come. Thanks for remixing and beautifying one of my favorite M&D tunes!
As slick as they come. Oustanding production and that lead, sooooo buttery smooth.
Typical Mordi, would like you to get some new sounds in your remixes!
Another completely laid back mix from Mordi
Cool. When the lead starts I keep thinking Barry White is gonna come in and say something in his deep Barry White voice like "Luuvvvvvvvvvv" haha. Good stuff man
I was thinking when we talked with Hermit after a SIDrip Alliance gig about possible new onstage SIDs around 2012 or so, 'Why Dazzler wasn't remixed by Mordi? It would be a perfect fit'. And here it is.
Never fails to produce quality sounding stuff, this isnt entirely my cup of tea but there is no denying how amazing this sounds.
This is just great, nice one!!
Mordi da man.
It's nice, but it's not as tight as your tracks usually are. Feels a bit sloppy somehow. Great job anyway!
This is one of my favorite tracks, and this is now my new favorite remix!:)
Like infamous, not my cup... On the other hand, exactly my smoooooth cup. Like it and don´t even know the original
Sooo soothing.... Love it

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