N-JOY - Eliminator (Epic trailer version)

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Massively nice, but it feels like some dynamics are missing in the highs. Great work nevertheless.
The acoustic guitar part is really good, then it gives way to a more epic feel, which for some reason doesn't work as well. Nice effort all round though.
Fantastic epic remix going on here, really well put together!
Epic being the word!
N-Harry Gregson Williams-JOY!
An interesting take on the original SID. Top-notch work, indeed!
This is epic and massive. The melody is in there and instantly recognizable. Well done..:)
Nice but I really miss the second lead part of Jeroen's tune which is the most interesting... This main theme just covers the one that Jeroen covered
Wonderful! I said this earlier for another remix: You should write scores for movies!
Marvellous! It's obvious you know your stuff!
Brilliant! Short, but brilliant!
Certainly has that Harry Gregson-Williams (Metal Gear) feeling to it. Loving this!
I like it a lot but the mix was too heavily compressed for this style imho, it had some nasty pumping at certain points that just shouldn't be there for such heavy orchestral work.
Well produced, Inspiring to listen to, good choice of instruments and genre... But most importantly; NO SAX!!!! ;O) a red smiley from me.
Once again very good.
Awesome, does everything it promises, Epic battle music FTW!
Nice. Second half reminds me of Babylon 5 soundtrack...
As background music for an epic battle, it would be perfect. But for plain listening, this is not enough for me. Cannot give any more than yellow.

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