Ghouls 'n Ghosts (The Moody Ghoul)

Track info
Arranged by:
Nada Veteran
Composed by:
Tim Follin
All-Time charts position:
Certainly moody and original.
Is this an unused track from Cypress Hill's "Black Sunday"-album? ;) I quite like this!
Moody enough, and laid back, but not sure there's actually enough in there to keep you interested. Nonetheless, a good solid original attempt.
A bit rambling, but very moody and very cool. Sounds like a 60s jam session
Like this subtune, very clean sound for bass and drums.
Not exactly my style, BUT: excellent drums, interesting ideas, good production
Got an orange just because of the nice progress around 3:20! Zero7 did that style in perfection... Check "Zero 7 - Polaris" for example... However, very nice and relaxing effort, keep on!!
Absolutly not my style :-) But very well done, Stefanos!
Nice composition. Much better quality than the average remix.
60's suspense ulike soundtrack.. And it works so well with the subject matter.. I really really enjoyed this
Sounds like an psychedelic B-Movie soundtrack from the 60t - 70ies. Like It
What it says on the tin: moody! Impressive production.
Very chilled - could drop this into a Kruder & Dorfmeister set with no problems!!
What a great vibe and so cool.. Very trip(hop)py! Nice Portishead feel..
Interesting sound! The guitars sound like 70's rock music. Timing issues! Mixing issues! Sounds like a live version!
For some reason, this reminds me of Daft Punk. Like it a lot!

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