Nada - Narkanoid

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Had the mixing been a little better I would've given this a Very Good. It reminds me of The Avalanches. Quite enjoyable track!
Na! This is trying to hard to be hiphop and dont work..
I'm sure this will appeal to some, but not really a style I am fond of.
Fraid Im with everyone else here, trying to be something it could never be
Basing a tune around a sound effect is a pretty bad idea - and there's too many speech samples at predictable points that bore me to death on repeat listens. Nice idea in terms of trying to be different but the execution isn't so hot.
Classy "figosound", reminds me of '90s cut-up tracks. Some weird choices (loop panned to the left) and nearly non existant mastering, but it ha literally *tons* of class. A well deserved Very Good for me.
Original remix. Good production. Could have been more Arkanoid and less N?
You can 'feel' the idea that was planned here! But sadly it couldn't be developed in the right manner to convince (me) here. So it's just an average now! Please try again in that direction for the chance of a 'very good' maybe!?;-)
Nice try... But there are so many good remixes of that tune, IMO no need for another one....
Nice take on this tune. Though it lacks some in the mixing. But overall a nice "something else" tune.
Could have been quite good if it had something to do with Arkanoid. Thema verfehlt!
It's trying to be cool, but just not isn't.
Where is Arkanoid besides some FX?:-(
Nada has tried something different here, but 95% of Akanoid is lost and some pointless vocals put in. Sorry but it just doesn't work for me.
I agree with Makke sounds a lot like "The Avalanches" :) now it needs a quarky video to go along with it.
I really like your style
More moody stuff from Nada. A bit weaker than usual though.
Really, really good vibe! Number 9, number 9... Sounds a bit like AcidJazz from the MoWax label!!
Strange and experimental! But Ok to listen to!
More N and less Arkanoid, but that makes it good. Very good.
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No, no no! I don´t like it. I hate the style. Nice try but doesn´t get home with me.