Nada - The Last Ninja

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Brave effort to try and do something different with this loader tune. It almost works but the lead instrument can be a little weak and non-emotional. It does show a lot of promise though and I'm sure with tweaking would sound excellent.
For me to give an orange for a last ninja mix shows that Nada has done something right. (I'm one of the few who doesn't really like the ninja tunes).
Just sounds a little thin and emotionless, with a little more effort this could really be nice
A tweak here and there concerning mastering wouldn't hurt to get some depth, but I'd forgive you for that if it wasn't for some notes which seem to be a bit off, IMO... Nice effort though.
Its different, cant complain though it did kinda get on my nerves towards the end, but still its ok :)
This is too good for a "good", but not really worth a "very good"... But since I like Nada's twisted way of doing remixes I'll go for the higher one.:)
Twisted remixes are ok, but this lost the spirit of the original tune...
Remix to remix, even if you destroy the spirit. I prefer Nada when he brings something like in 'Ghouls 'n Ghosts' :°(
Good to see a different take on a Last Ninja tune, but comes off a little weak.
I was awaiting a quite different main part after that beginning. But it just continued... Too bad! The intro was pretty good, but it doesn't fit as a complete tune.
Thin and boring! One of the worst Ninjas I've ever heard!
Good effort, but not his best.
Still sounded average when "played at maximum volume"
Sounds interesting and good to me. But the melody sux in your version. Thats so sad. But the backgrounds are ok.

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