Peter Clarke - Flimbo's Concerto (Opus 12 in C major)

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Flimbo's Concerto (Opus 12 in C major)
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Peter Clarke Veteran
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Subtunes 3, 8 and 1 were used to create a little medley remix from Flimbo.

Without doubt, 2 of the 3 are a couple of the catchiest ditties ever to come out of a Commodore 64 and they've been favourites of mine a long time.


EWQL Symphonic Orchestra was the weapon of choice for this one and I'm pleased with the result.

For those of you who like orchestrals, hope you enjoy it.....

I really like this, great effort.
Yes, Yes, Yes! A very different take on Flimbo. Super arrangement!
Hah. Who would have thought this could work as an orchestral version.
Strange to hear Flimbo arranged like this but it really does work. Great arrangement!
Hm. 'SID remix movie score'? I really like that this arrangement tells a story. Great use of artificial orchestra (well-used dynamics). Ending could improve a little.
Wow, this sounds so fucking HUGE. Too bad I don`t like the Original :(
Great stuff really enjoyed it a lot!
Sound good but I like the Bjerregaard Flimbo tunes more!
Excellent work. Not a huge fan of the Flimbo sids, but this up there with the best of the orchestral remixes. Cant wait to hear more from you :)
The instruments sound extremely artificial.
Bit more punch and faster bpm and it's red from me.
This deserves more shouts - how lucky we are that Peter shares our love of Flimbo. Brilliant arrangement, with the Flimbo's Quest ending and all!!
A very special orchestral flimbo. Sometimes the orchestra should have more punch.
Review by K8-bit


Artistic skill

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ok! Completely got my reviews mixed up and vexed poor Peter with my totally bizarre (and not at all correct for this piece!) comments!
  • ahem* Right...

An orchestral take on Flimbo's quest! nice, and quite an enigmatic take on what has traditionally been covered as a funky, upbeat and typically small-band type sound. Here we find Peter has done it in sweeping orchestral grandeur, sounding like the reprise version of the theme as would play over the end-credits of an animated-movie version of Flimbo's Quest

Instrumentation is spot-on, as is its appropriate use (ie no instrument misuses - octave 1 flutes for example!)

2:30 and you can't help but grin when the almighty main theme starts, again - reinforcing the movie-like quality.

Nice use of NICE brass sounds too, no PARPS here, lol.

The whole thing has a lovely flowing rhythm, it doesent sound mechanical as can often be a side-effect of sequencing.

I'm not the biggest fan of the original tunes (or game) but I appreciate their technical artistry, and this does it a LOT of honest complimentary homage
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Quite a tour de force! It took me time to warm up to the slowed down tempo of these tunes, but they work wonderfully in the context of an orchestra. I also like how this concerto is arranged in several movements, they form a nice storyline. The individual subtunes of the original are also instrumented rather tastefully.

The only issues I have with this piece is that a) it could've used a bit more dynamic range, b) the mix sounds a little too compressed with few high-ends (except for the occasional brass).

The ending feels somewhat abrupt, a few wind-down notes would've helped there.

All in all, I'm sure this will touch everybody who listens to it in one way or another, and that's what great art is all about.