Peter W - Last Ninja

Track info
Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees
All-Time charts position:
Last Ninja and Ben Daglish was the reason I wanted to compose music on my own. So I did like most, tracked music in most tracker formats but I was never satisfied with the result. I wanted to make high quality stuff so I bought some synths and some other hardware. This is the track I wanted to remix for sooooo long.
Another SID that has been done to death and this although good is not the best remix of the Daglish classic!
A good effort, but it just misses something in its execution somehow - it doesn't sound Oriental enough and a bit too loose and wayward at times.
Good try
There has been so many Last Ninja attempts out there, its hard to give this one a good score.
Feekzoid's version is still king (for me), but this one's very fresh sounding and enjoyable.
As I already said: I love how this thing silently meanders and puts everything into a whole new context. Perfect listening pleasure! Beautiful! Added to my collection.
The melody is great and so well done, but after 3 minutes you're still waiting for it to go somewhere.
Was monotonous (as is the orig track come to think of it), but those synths are soul touchin.!.
The lack of low end (bass) and the very sharp arpeggiated sound (like a knife in the ear) is pulling this down from being a really good remix.
Non offensive to the ears, that ambient noise goes right out of time half way through the tune though and gets right up my nose, apart from that.. Good enough
Deflektor was way better, I have to say.:)
Very nice idea, nicely done, sounds good. But this track should really go deeper with some more "powerful effects"
Well chilled, totally relaxing. Out of time in places and should have ended at about 5 mins, but very nicely done.
Replace the SID arpeggios with chords, strings, whatever, and it'd sound a lot better. The idea is there, I like its ambience, I like the way the melody is done, but the rest is only so-so.
I agree about removing the sid arpeggios, at least finish them off earlier. Anyway this is a great version of an awesome tune.
Good one. But that SID chip sound is just a bit annoying. Still idea is excellent (:
Very nice remix! One that captures that last ninja feeling!
The high frequencies are killing my ears... Not a bad attempt but not so good either.

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