Peter W - Spy vs Spy (Instrumental Version)

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Peter W Veteran
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This is the remastered version of Spy vs Spy, it has also been stripped from the vocal parts, enjoy!
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Much better than the "vocal" version. More dynamic compression, more bass and LFO, and none of this annoying talking! ;-) Best Spy vs. Spy on RKO! Added to my collection.
Much more dynamic here than most Spy vs Spy mixes, so that's worth commendation alone. And some kicking drums to boot.
This works a lot better than the vocal version. This really kicks arse!
I was looking for this. Why wasn't this on the RKO list?
Nice n crisp sounds in there tickling my ear drums with class :D
Sounds so so much better - nice work
Just an awesome remix. So crisp and clean. This could've been a hit in the clubs.
Thanks Peter for posting this!
Nice remix! ... Nice and clear sound... Good and varied... I miss some prodigy style vocal phrases here too... I do feel though that the beat get's a bit too "breaky" for my taste.
I was actually thinking how the vocals brought down your awesome drums and bass. Very nice!
I always loved the Spy vs Spy tune. Its quite simple, but its so nice! And this remix totally rocks! Thanks for that! I want more remixes from you guy! Keep it on...
Now, THIS is much better! Well-balanced, well-mixed, great arrangement.
I loved the other version, until the vocals started and then I'd cringe.. Sorry, but thanks for this awesome version!
Oh joy! This is THE remix of Spy Vs Spy - loved the vocal edit but this somehow feels more complete.
I hope your friend isn't upset, being cut out and all... :-P Yessir, works for me just fine, this tune.
It`s pretty good... But... It doesn`t add anything new to the dozens of remixes already out there. Mastered nicely though!
Absolutely brilliant tune, so much more polished than the Vocal version, which I indeed liked aswell. Keep it up!
The lead is way to dominating. The spy vs spy melody is cute, but doesn't fit beeing this strong without better support from other instruments. The drumloop doesn't fit either. The tune sounds like a mess to me. Sounds are of good quality though.
Very nice remix!
Awesome Remix, great instruments... And I love the breakbeats!
This rinses nicely :)
Very good :)))
Well, my first post on remix64: GREAT TUNE! One of my first five all-time-favourites. PLEAAASE remix "Spy vs Spy 2"!
Very dynamic. I like it!:)
Very good indeed but I have a suggestion! : Make the chord at 1:09 not major, minor and so in the upcoming loop.
Cool tune, background "riff" a bit too repetitive
Excellent remix!
The best Spy...! Great Breakbeats
One of best spy vs spy... Never liked the the game very much but the music is great. I can listen this every day
Wow that is a nice piece of remix track,
This one deserves the highest rating!
Best C-64 remix I have ever heard.
Great Job!
Near to the excellence
Just heard this on the Commoflage Episode 1. The original was so basic but this, amazing work. Love it. (Jungle is/was MASSIVE hehe)
Oh, completely missed this awesome DnB-version. Supah-nice!

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