Putzi - The Last Ninja (lv1 extended remix)

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Putzi Veteran
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I am glad I did not try to remix this SID earlier. So I had the chance to tweak and extend it with my feeling for music of today, which has grown a lot since my first SID-remix.

thanks for preview-listening to:
Sonic Wanderer, Racoon, Kai Spitzley, Tas,
Cider, Prodatron
Produced with Steinberg Cubase SX 2 and cool synths from ReFX
Nice :)
Yea, agree with Markus (that was after I couldnt hear anything I realised my ear phones were plugged in :) )
Makes a nice change when someone does a good job of a well-covered tune. There's some really nice bits.
Very nice indeed... Lead is a little "whiney! "
Agreed nice. A little more polishing up at points wouldn't have gone a miss tho
Nice selection of sounds....
Acceptable but lacking coherence IMO
Great production, big step forward for Putzi
Good stuff!
Hard to decide: Very Good or Outstanding? Details tickled wrong nerves but *hoh, boy! * it's cool! :D
Not hard to decide "average" - have no idea why so many are so excited - maybe I miss something...
Again and again this tune gives me goose bumps - nice remix btw ;)
The start is a bit medium, but when it take's off... It's a blast - Keep'em coming Putzi!
I don't like the repetitive rythm, it goes on forever without a restmoment in the music. And piano echo's a bit too much.
Great choice of instruments, beats and pace. Well arranged. Keep it up!
Szerintam ezt nagyon jól eltalálták :)
Actually not my style, but this is a really nice one. Added to my collection.
Good positive energy you broth to my life with this track

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