Reyn Ouwehand - Ace II

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Made this one for the 80's influenced Syntax Era remix64 volume 3-album. Though in the end there was no room on the album and already a ACE II remix by Makke.

Hence the 80's quotes from Final Young Cannibals, Neneh Cherry, U2 and all the other cheap Jupiter 8 synth sounds!

Mastered by Thomas Detert!


Cheers, Reyn


Wow, nice arrangement with the little touch of "Prince" or no not wait... "Fine young Cannibals" ;)
I jones for that 80's pop snare
Miami Vice or FYC indeed for the funk... Another one from the closet (2007)? An unexpected Easter surprise from Reyn, and it's good!
... You drive me crazy! ;) Great remix Reyn! - p2/hEaTwAvE
Nice arrangement with some nice FYC samples
Sweet stuff. I like the little Neneh Cherry - Buffalo stance sample in there.
Thanks, Reyn, for finally answering my request to release this FYC inspired remix! Awesome, as always.
Reeeeeyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! Yesss... Yessss.... Yeeeeeessssssss! THANKS YOU, pal!
By risk of being a nag, I don't really find this very special. Nice touch with the FYC stuff, but a bit flat and lifeless remix...
Nice beat, choice of instruments could have been a bit better but does give it a more retro feel.
"She ACE Me Crazy ;) Although I don't like it as much as the Church recordings - that track is amazing, anyway!
Expected more... But it's quite nice.
Like eliot said...
She drives me crazy, ooooh ohhh! This is Ace, Reyn! (Ace II infact, ahhahaaahaaaaa *sigh*) ;) Top stuff fella.
Once again, Reyn impressively displays who has the biggest dick on real instruments in this community! Still, I particularly don't like this one as much as Reyn's other stuff, because it's such a weird mash-up of styles.
Elliot you fussy sod - give it a go - Awesome Reyn,
Dull, flat and spiceless. Groovy at times, but still an mediorce experience. The lead ruins it for me.
Aside production values, I can't give this more then orange smile.
The drums needs fixing it sound isn't right, it lacks of proper power, but it has potenial to be great
Absolutely Perfect
Yet another top quality remix from Reyn - love the 80s sound.
Cool :)

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