Romeo Knight - Commando (feat. Makke)

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Romeo Knight Veteran
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Awesome track. Personally, I think the vocals are a bit "drowned out" in places. Maybe it's just my setup? Still an outstanding track for me.
Im stunned, this is a really good performance = TOP CLASS! . Another reson for loving this scene even more. The only downside as I see it is that the vocals has to "compete" with a lead guitar in the initial phaze. The vocals already brings out the melody
Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? .. Right here and in stunning form! Fantasitc mix, the best Commando of 'em all.
MEEEEETAAAAAALLLL!!!! Metal. :) Awesome Solos, Awesome Commando!
Excellent metal. Romeo's guitars and Makke's voice seem to be an awesome mixture...:)
Rawk innit.. And has a real faith no more feel.. This gets a red face for the guitar solo alone though.. The rest is just icing on a already very tasty cake
Yeah, cool, like it very much...!!!
Awesome work dudes!
Makke + Romeo Knight, not much can go wrong. This is perfection and class. Great background and vocals. Sweet and harsh!
Well done your through to the next round of rock idol!!!
I love how you took this track into a totally different genre, and ended up with this really cool metal tune! You also managed to get the little cool details from the SID in there, especially how you handled the solo!
Very good track indeed! Love the guitarsound and the drums, but to be quite honest: the vocals almost ruin this powerful track.
Blistering guitar work, but makkes goth singing makes it cheesy, this would be much better as an instrumental.. Romeo put it on your website!
With the original melody nearly unrecognizable, this sounds to me like so many generic metal songs. The vocals don't help. Not my cup of tea.
Instrumental would be better.
Quite original.:)
Outstanding indeed!!!
:) Idea, skills, power. All are there. Bar is raised. C'grats folks!
Very Nice.
Good effort. I feel that the production is a bit muffled and the song needs more feeling to score higher for me.
Sounding requires polishing. Too floridly.
Meh.... Not a keeper for me. Good drums though... I spose...
I've never been into metal but this is really nice (both as an idea and as execution). Very nice is the least I can say.
This is American Metal. The only thing missing is some scratching and rapping to make it "perfect"
Awesome. Killswitch Engage meets Edguy meets Rob Hubbard meets Makke meets fantastic Guitar solos = love it.
Why these vocals? Why??!
Like Glen said...
Original! Not my cup of tea, but quite impressive!
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This is as close to how I always imagined Commando as it can get! Heavy metal guitars, blistering lead guitar solos, great drumming. Top-notch production.

The mixing seems a bit off, though, the vocals are a bit too soft. And the singer's voice should be more raspy. Yeah, I'm splitting hairs now.

Definitely a keeper!