Track info
Arranged by:
Romeo Knight Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
All-Time charts position:
This is my first remix:
Thrust, one of my all time favourites.
There have been some good versions of this song already, but I tried to get all the dirt in that made Rob Hubbards tunes and his style so unique.

It was produced on a Nuendo System and almost all further equipment is shown on the pics:

- Yamaha Bass
- Ibanez 7-String Guitar
- Korg Pandora Guitar-FX Processor (this tiny blue box next to the trackball)
- Line6 Spider 1x12 Amp
- Shure 55 SH-II Microphone

and half a dozen standard VST-Plug-Ins.
No Synths needed ;-)

Hope you enjoy it!

P.S.: One word to the highly controverse comments: Getting such useless comments like "oh my god, it's a crap" by people that have never published a remix makes me believe I've done something right.
Great rockin' version, very "live" sounding...
I don't mind hard stuff but there must be method to the madness which I don't hear here
At last, how Thrust should be remixed!
I like this track very much...!
Oh my god, it'a a crap
Wow that's heavy!
Too much noise
Guitars are good, but in this constellation they are only making noise...
Dude! Remixing with keyboards/synthesizers is one thing, remixing with real instruments is another. Totally rocking, only the quality lets it down a tad.
Wonderful drum, guitar sound is great and so the playing
The sound quality is dirty and doesn't sound very well-balanced. The Schnitzel, er... Guitar-playing is flawless this time but nothing spectacular.
Man, the fact that this remix divides people means that you're on the right track ;) Despite some sound quality issues, I like that a lot.
It captures the raw dirt of Hubbards original perfectly, and its the greatest Thrust remix of them all.
I changed my mind, it deserves a red face..... 'cause it's raw and powerful!!!
Garagey, bit heavy..
Review by Brian


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Extremly well guitar playing: in time, with feeling, good vibrato and little gimmicks . The best i heard so far concerning c64 remixes. But not only well played, also very tastefull and the arrangement is far more than power cords with one, and the melody with the other guitar. I especially like how the bridge(?) is done with harmonics. Very original! The rhythm guitar is quite loud, compared to the melody. It's ok for me because it makes the track quite heavy and i wouldn't call it unbalanced.

In my opinion the overall sound is a bit lacking. Though the tuned down base (or is it a 5 String?) sounds great, the drums do not match the guitar sound that well. The drum sound should by more dry, a bit more dirty and less sterile, witch would be more fitting to the modern sounding guitar. But hey, this would mean to hire a drummer and spend much money recording it. So this is not really fair to critizise it. Besides, the sound is far better than another rock version of Thrust (maybe you know whitch i mean), which wasn't even quite in time and tuning, though the guys sell it.