RunStop64 - Albedo 2

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RunStop64 Remixer
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My first remix of a SID. I am very sorry that this one turned out so distorted. Hopefully the next one will be not so loud. I tried more or less to keep the rocking spirit of the original SID and further enhance this with a rocking guitar synthesizer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

- RS64
Stonking kick ass remix and makes great use of the SID
RunStop64 has managed to keep enough of the original SID in there but enhance it well! Only problem is mastering which is seriously overcompressed to the point of distortion.
Neat use of the SID in here which enhances from the mix insteads of detracts from it. It's a little too bright and forward in parts but the idea's there and works well. Very good effort!
This is pretty cool :) I agree with Waz on the bright part. But I enjoyed it. Thanks! Hey, og så er du norsk :)
Great stuff! Love the inclusion of the SID bass line. Really fills the botttom end out nicely. Good one.
Im somewhat stunned that such a ung remixer managed to make such a good track :)
This is good and makes good use of the SID, But why so much distortion?
Heavy clipping makes this one unlistenable, especially from 3:37 on.
Sounds so Huelsbeck to me and I like Huelsbeck - WELL DONE - Skitz is correct its a little over compressed but amazing at the same point
Made me cast a vote again after a long time, and made me listen to the original SID which I didn't know before - what more can a remix do? Great!
This is a really great uplifting track with lots of great moments, but that level distortion is really noticable and quite annoying... Shame, coz this would really rock.
Agree with all above.. :) Ekstra bonuspoeng for at du er norsk.. Neida.:)
(: Electronica done as rock. But... Theer are mistakes in mixing.
One of the best techno-old school of the year...
This is one of the most well-deserved red ones I have ever given.
This is a very good uptempo remix that keeps the spirit of the original and enhances it. I think the SID sounds are a bit overused, the opening is a bit disappointing, I also hear some clipping (needs compression), but it's a bright stomping remix.
Don't like it for some obscure reason.
Love it (apart from the distortion)
The bad mixing (clipping) ruins this tune and would be an orange otherwise. Please correct and upload again :)
Hm, I like that distorted sound... Actually I thought that it wasn't done accidentally.
The bad sound really ruins it...:(
Fast pace... Love it.
Distorted, not bad
The remix itself is orange face at least but the overcompressed sound is is killing my ears. Too damn loud!

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