Sakana Faerge - lightforce (sleeping in tibet with a moog remix)

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Rob Hubbard
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Very nice laidback feeling! But the samples of the tortured cat is very annoying imo :)
Hurry up and start! Nah really though it was a case of skipping the intro the suspense wasn't worth the wait.
I would have to be high to truly enjoy this. Interesting fusion of two very different styles (Tibetan and moogish electronic), nice ambience if a bit too long. Drop the cat, though (I mean, from the remix :).
Interesting thing... Cool atmospheric soundscape. But all in all too boring and plain mix...
Relaxing music :) But bit more 'drama' would be nice...
Way too boring for me.
There's something minimalistic about this which would appeal, but it just goes on a bit too long in essence, shame because what's there is very ethnic sounding and dare I say it Philip Glass-like...
Boring. It's too slow either. Good idea but wrong SID IMO.
A tad boring perhaps?
This tune is really starting to grow on me. Weird, creative, innovative. In other words Excellent
Like mika said thumbs up (: one of the best lightforce mixes
First sin too too long intro, it developes to slow but hey it has 11:43 mins long too long for slow version remix. The idea of mixing is nice
Nice idea and kinda creative but something is missing for me. Very slow-pace.
Wow! I've never heard anything like this. Minimalistic, futuristic, cool! And underrated! Added to my collection.
I especially like the subtle but constant developing of the tune. So while the melody itself is quite slow and repetitive it avoids getting boring. The cat could need some improvement, though.
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I can't believe I'm the first who rates this as outstanding. This is just awesome. Yes, the start in the original is more energetic, but I think this re-mix is more in the mood of the second part of the SID. And yes, I think the second part is the best; the soundscapes remind me of the soundtrack of "Blade-Runner" (Vangelis). Technically flawless.
S. Reich, Terry Riley, Robert Fripp, K. Schulze, Edgar Froese, Martin Galway, and probably R. Hubbard would be proud of this.