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SIDrip Alliance - Krakout

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This one is heavily based on the live version that we played onstage so it includes live instruments only. The work on this track was started somewhere around early 2011 for a retro game project that was put on ice, so was this remix for over a year. The work with it was continued around 2012 April when drums were recorded. The recording session included 3 more SID remixes, to be released later this year. Keep tuned.




drums - Chad

keyboards - Werdy

bass - Hermit

guitars - Küki and NecroPolo


kudos: to Ben Daglish!

arrangement: Hermit

keyboard recording: Werdy

bass recording: Hermit

additional recording, mixing, mastering: NecroPolo

assistance and lots of good suggestions, advices: Vincenzo and Chabee

initial release: ÁROK party 2012 - Kudos for organisers Poison, Cargo and Leon and all the scener fellows


We hope you'll have as much fun of listening as we had with playing / recording it.


All the blessings,


SIDrip Alliance crew



Haha, love it <3
Excellent track!
Great work.
Wow! This sounds fantastic!
A flashback to my childhood, wonderful :D
Great nostalgia on this one, and the mix is technically quite good, but in places just feeling a bit too empty and uninspired.
Very M/Supremacy. Like the clean sound too, nicely done.
Hi, this was quite hard I think... Ez a szam nem egyszeru, es eleg jol nyomtatok, koszi!
Aimless guitar strumming! Not my cup of tea!
I like it, even if it's absolutely not my cup of tea. It's a little bit "mashy" here and there, but great nostalgia and overall very good quality.:-)
Haha somehow a sick and weird version, but because this I like it. Great and powerful. If YOU don't like it, pump up the volume and try again :D
Bonus points for leaving the tweets in the beginning. It was something I'm expecting to hear when I press play on something labeled "Krakout"... This remix is spot on
Guitar and rythm...
I actually finally signed up to this site *just* so I could comment on how much I enjoyed this! Indeed. The mix could be better, but guys - they're playing bloody KRAKOUT!.
I really liked it. Still, could have been a red face if the drum/guitar sync was better. They drift out of tempo in many places.
Review by BenDaglish


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Actually - my technical review is pretty much the same as LaLa's - the actual recorded sound itself could be better, and I'd like to hear more bass maybe, but the arrangement, and playing itself is marvellous. What's nice is that you can tell it's a *live* piece - personally, I'd love to see that performed.In fact, if you chaps ever fancied getting together for a gig...
Review by nettuno


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Where can I start? Surely this song give some emotions. Hate, anger, nuisance, of course negative emotions, but intense.
There's no particular technic: some notes entered into a sequencer, and few ideas (but confused) about the result. Okay, this song don't like me absolutely, maybe this is clear, but don't like me ABSOLUTELY... this is a great result, negative, but great 😉
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Here's what I really like about this remix: its pace. It's madly fast - just like the original!

Here's the second thing I really like about this remix: it's live (mostly). In fact, it's -a-live: you can taste that it's people playing great music for people who are willing to listen.

Here's what I don't like about this remix: the mix sounds a bit overcompressed to me. Maybe because the chords played by the synth seemingly disappear behind a metal cage. But in general I feel its flavor is suppressed a bit too much.

And again, here's what I really like about this remix: its fast pace! It's just mad, crazy - it's wonderful!