SkyMarshall Arts - Abyss Game 2 (Emulate the Past mix)

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Abyss Game 2 (Emulate the Past mix)
Arranged by:
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Matthias Hartung (The Syndrom)
All-Time charts position:

My first real SID-remix.

Tried to stay utterly true to the original, and make it sound punchy, mellow and comfortable all the way through.

It was very much fun to create😊

Great retro homage! Technically it maybe a bit heavy on the reverbs, but overall it is well mixed and punchy.
A bit Tonka-y, which is usually a good thing. Nice to hear actual SID mixed in well with other stuff, though I'm not sure how it will go down with the general voting public (OH NOOOO! SID!!!!! MY EARZ!!! NOOOEZ!)
Very nice, good contrast with the slow tune and the raw SID sounds! Intro speech could be skipped though, removed or replaced...
Music for my ears :) I love this sidish remixes
Enjoyable remix.
Sorry, nothing for me.
Nice classic sound and arrangement. I miss some power somehow but apart from that it's great.
Great. I like it. Remembers me a little bit to the very good old Magic Disk or Game On SIDs...
The reverb is a little overpowerful but its such a nice little tune it doesnt really matter, the beginning though smacks alot of apotygma beserk and id love to have heard that "theme" continue through the tune (basically a industrial/techno remix :-))
This is perhaps the only way to remake this lovely song, however the SID leads can be redone :P But hey this is sweet music, it might have quite some frogs in the pond when it comes to the afterklang-effects. Still yummy! Keep em' coming!
Well done! Very retro! Got a nice feel to it.
Very nostalgic with a retro feel. Almost gave an orange smiley but I can't get past all the SID in there, a bit too much used for me.
Nice feel, the intro could be removed.. I like the lead sounds very similar to the second reality mod lead, perhaps a bit too sidish but I still like it.
Great Tune
Excellent tune and homage to the original tune and nice that its not another trancey remix.
Perfect, I love the SID sound and arpeggios. The intro's perfect for setting up the nostalgic mood.
Really great idea! Really like the beginning...
Hehe, great one! Really great!
Great tune! Intro is hilarious though it doesn't quite fit the mood of what follows for me but I'm not complaining, :-) I LOVE this track. Good job!
Not my style but good
Abyss Game 2 is my favorite remix on remix. Kwed. Org
Extreme :D
Just beautiful.
This is brilliant! Gives me the chills!!!
Fantastic music. I like the idea behind this and the speach part is a must. Love it.
I just heard this track on slay radio and the vocoded intro knocked me off my feet. Very well done sir!
Amazing tune.

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