Slaygon - The Last V8 (feat. Necropolo, Harri & Mimmi)

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Slaygon Veteran
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Guitars: Necropolo (SIDRip Alliance)

Bass: Harri Tuovila (Griffin)

Voice: Mimmi

I wanted a rough Last V8, because that's what it always has sounded like for me, so I did the drum track to begin with, and sent it off to Necropolo who did some gorgeaus guitar work.

Initially I also had a synthetic bass in the track, but that ended up feeling wrong, so I sent it to Harri who promptly put his magic fingers on the bass strings, and created this bassline for it.

Arrangement-wise, this is more or less 1:1. Another one of those tracks that is so bloody awesome to begin with that it only needed slightly polished instrumentation to be current.

I thought of using the too-much-used V8 samples, but decided to upgrade them to a female voice, which is where Mimmi comes in. And rather than filling the track with screeching tires and samples from the game and all that, I decided it would be quite enough with Mimm's voice so as not to overload the track with irrelevant stuff, and to keep the raw rock feeling to it.

I think it worked out pretty nicely.

This is as close as I can get to how I imagined the SID to be like. All rock, shredding away on the guitars, having a pounding beat, punching you in your stomach with the bass... This is how I remember the SID. Prove me wrong. (X-FormZ/Dimmignatt... I know you can! Do it!)

Also, thanks Rob! Very memorable moments thanks to this tune!

Thanks to Necropolo, Harri and Mimmi - This would have been exactly nothing without you.

Also thanks to Mordi, Max Hall and Ziphoid for pre-listens and input on WIPs. Much appreciated!

Hope you enjoy this remix, and indeed all of 2011!

Happy (rocky) New Year!

Nice arrangement and excellent guitar playing, but it is a bit short and feels a bit uneventful. Great effort nevertheless.
V8 has needed a hard rockin' version for years and here it is! Sublime work I cant fault it.
Rockin' hard, man! I think it could've handled the tire screeches and whatnot, too. Phenomenal collaborative work, I really enjoy it!
Great sound quality for both, the instruments and mastering. It's just not my type of style and the female voice doesn't fit in there the way it's done.
Good one
Yes, I agree with vurtx - V8 needs a hard rocking style. Great remix!
Kudos to all who collabed on this especially the producer its a sublime mix (left handed drummer by any chance? )the performances all round are very enjoyablke
Quite nice! Been missing some classic Rob Hubbard, so thanks!
Quite good cover, congratz.
Didn't do a technical analysis... Just love how it sounds! Gj.
Good little arrangement and nice guitarwork (what else can you expect though from mr polo? ) its just missing a bit of length and the beep noises at the start.. That defined the original tune.
Very nice
Too noisy for my taste, but technically definitely brilliant! I like the spoken words: "V8! Return to base! Immediately! " Nostalgia!!!
Rocking take on a classic! Really like the drums and NP:s guitar work is excellent, as usual!

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