soundsosound - Dragon's Lair II Piano-Suite

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Arranged by:
soundsosound Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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It's 10 minutes long so it's a bit hefty; but you can't really fault the fantastic piano playing of soundsosound. Fans of the keyboard and Dragon's Lair II will love it.
An impeckable piano performance, but it could possible be broken down into a couple of shorter pieces. Nicely done, nevertheless!
You could play live soundtracks for silent movies! Anyway that's what the performance reminds me of. Well done!
Rob is a master in all your work.
Absolutely great piano work! I like this one very much - thumbs up!
Really good piano compilation of the excellent sid tunes.
Great play!
The arrangement is awesome - perfect even but I think it lacks expression and it is a little stiff...
Good grief, this is beautiful. I was waiting out the whole time for each subtune to pass and all of them were done justice. When it finally came, the rapids theme knocked me out...
Listening to this for the third time on headphones this is like standing facing the person playing the piano... How the hell do you record this.. Is it accoustic or electric piano either I must know because it is undeniabley awsome and please. More.
Very touching, the only thing better than this is listen Rob Hubbard on piano.
EPIC. That's all I have to say about this masterpiece.
This is not a tune, this is an Opus! Added to my collection.
No doubt, soundoscope's finest work. Absolutely stunning coversion to piano, of some wonderfully complex Hubbard tunes. Technically the playing is once again amazing, and this masterpiece seems to get better the more I listen. Stunning stuff!
Really delicate, great
Really nice!

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