Space Fractal - Traz (Back to '80 Mix)

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This is a '80 style discosynth remix of one of my favorit tune.


Technical note:

The whole song was played with a heardphone, since I dosent have any decents speackers. This

of course have some limits of the technial side. Im are more musican than the technical. But hope do hope

I got technical help for the next song (when I made one) before release (like I got for the first song).


So its best with heardphones. Otherwhice I agree about the comments....


Why v1 is removed?

Due to a bad reverb I have asked to delete v1 and released it again (even I might have broke rules, sorry).

Here is the final version I accepted and now released. Still of course not technical perfect (far from).



!! please rate again ON THIS VERSION !!



But what comments did v1 got?

  • Average - Waz shouts: Bit too thin and weedy this, and it tries to be several things and once and doesn't quite get there on all counts. Needs more work in the mixing department.
  • Average - Makke shouts: There's a bit of clipping, and the reverb sounds awful! Which is a shame, because otherwise it's got nice and clear sounds and could sit very well in the Welle Erdball camp.
  • Average - prowler shouts: I must say I love a fresh new take like this! Keep on improving your stuff and you will get there!!! But the things stated above just makes it hard for me to play this twice. But a ok first try!
  • Good - omoroca shouts: The slightly out-of-tune bass gives the whole thing a lot of drive. Nice one to listen to! {yes, it was a yellow smile, sorry}
  • Average - LaLa shouts: Needs better production, better instruments, better mixing. Sounds more like an old MOD as is. Plus points for the arrangement.
Needs better production, better instruments, better mixing. Sounds more like an old MOD as is. Plus points for the arrangement.
Agree with LaLa 110%.
I like it! A very fresh remix which could make it all the way to a red smiley if the instruments and mastering was better! You got the musical skill, just master the technical too.
Didn't I give a yellow one the last time? At least I do now. V1 was Ok, no need to release V2!
Hurtful to the ears that snare be, but the rest of it is non offensive and quite jolly. Doesnt sound very 80's though its going too fast and the snares dont go BRRRAAAPPP! Hehe
Hmm, it sounds like it's been recorded from a handheld radio. There's no bottom (or even middle) in the song, and the drums are more like buzzing mosquitos. The arrangement itself is quite nice though. A major remix would turn this into a good version.
Even with the v2 version it still doesn't sound quite right. It's a bit too thin in terms of the mixing and isn't quite there.
The original SID is a pretty funny tune. This remix has some rather bad instrument choice I think. But man it is NOT nearly as unpleasant sounding as my first recording a decade ago - and now I make a living of intentional studio equipment fiddling ;)

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