sYmBoLs - Last Ninja 2 - Basement loader (revamped)

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sYmBoLs Veteran
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Apart from the mixing sounding somewhat flat and the oddly boring artificial snare drums... Well, good.
Well mixed. Nice tune...
Flat indeed. But nice even though.
Not a bad song, all in all. I needs some more work, though. Nice twist with the snaredrum. But the main mixing is a bit off.
Baseline is wrong, but that is not the biggest problem with this tune. You really have to come up with something new to do a LN remix today, and at least the sound quality needs to be up to date. This one is neither of that.
Agrees with above statements. Even though it doesn't stand out I enjoyed listening to it.
Nothing exciting here, the mixing is flat and the instrument selection really kills it - it all sounds tinny.
You cannot remix a song and have the bassline wrong throughout the mix. It also sounds empty and flat. There is no "oomph", and the shaker sound imitating the SIDs hihat sounds annoying somewhat and out of place.
The drums (snare and hihats) are a bit too loud, but the arrangement and the effects are nice.
Flat! But good!
Not a bad remix, but it is nothing special either. You may want to check the chordprogression, you're hitting the wrong chord in a section every single time and that disturbs me. Nearly a grey smily because of it.

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