Target Renegade (Ambient Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Teo Veteran
Composed by:
Gary Biasillo
All-Time charts position:
Dull and boring
Ooh nice ambient sounds. Could do with a little more variation though. Tempted to give it a red smiley.
Does what it says on the tin - very ambient and trippy... Nice
Everyone wants to be Aphex Twin. This could be high quality without me even knowing it...
If mixed better, this would have been good. Wrong choice of instruments prevent this from being a nice dreamy ambient piece.
Skitz! You stole my line!
Promising entry, I "see" some potential.
Nice trance-title to chill...
It was a good tune on c64, and I missed a remix long time. Anyway It is a good ambient remix, not more or less.
Smooth sounds...
Cute and very ambiente. Nice try.
I really like it. Atmospheric stuff. More please.
Just listened to it 10 times in a row. Very catchy.
Nice idea. Drums get on my nerves a bit. That sine-lead is overused here.
Listen to this a few times, and it's the ultimate song for relaxing playlists.
Nice electronic flavor! But somehow it doesn't really work for me.
I love it.
This is actually a very great one and it truly stands for what it claims to be. A nice ambient full of chill out and calmness. Also great for thinking and contemplation.

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