X-formZ - Consummation of ambience

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X-formZ Remixer
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Pretty good ambience. This remix would benefit greatly from better drum samples.
Excellent Power Balled here but somehow lacks something. Live drums maybe?
A bit muffled, though the SID-type burbles provide some welcome high-end sparkle. The feel owes a lot to Lizardking, which isn't a bad thing.
Pretty nice but missing 'something' to help it stand out. Nice background/ambient music.
It suffers a bit from the drums, but is nicely done nonetheless!
I like this, but not as much as id like too if you catch my drift? Theres something missing from it, it sounds lovely but it leaves me cold when I walk away.. But then I want to go back and listen again. Not bad.
A nice calm tune, does sound a little muffled though.
Its great. Thanks! Lovely negative filters on the main instruments.... The drums are PUNCTUATING. Nice.
The Samples are nice - the drums could be more powerful! But it's a great remix!
Brilliant electronic song! Great melody and awesome choice of instruments!
Very good climatic tune, nice to hear it for relaxation
Hell, I liked the original and I love this remix... Can't get enough... I hear it since hours :D
This is just right and nicer than the original
OMG what a wonderfull earworm! Awesome!!! Thx for that pearl.:-)
Very nice soft ambient / chill out music!:)
Sweet. But is not my type of music...
Sounds lovely.

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