Amp - Orion Intro (Post-Traumatic Mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Amp Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
M. de Rooy
All-Time charts position:
Nicely produced, I just dont think the original SID was very good melodically and it shows in this remix... Spybreak anyone?:)
Considering the original SID is quite weak, this is a pretty good rendition, keeping the soul intact and adding some neat touches along the way. Love the bassline.
Heard much better from AMP before.. This however is still pretty reasonable.
Reminds of cheesy SF flics. Funny but horrid to my ears. I understand that this was a rather difficult one to remix to please.
Ha ha.... That one is really odd! Love it...
Hmm... The original is mess, so a remix could not do any better... Many sounds in a row...
Graaaaaaaaaaaaar! I reckon when amp sat down and remixed this he said well at least infamous will like it.. And hes right :D
Oh dear! It started really good with some really powerful propellerhead inspired drive. But suddenly a kids song destroyed it all. Too bad.
Like LFO in their best days.
A nice beat, but it's a bit rough going.
Very dirty, actually I shouldn't like it. But I do somehow, dunno why! Good work!

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