Crisot - Bignoses USA Adventure

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Crisot Remixer
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Hey Big-Nose! Not bad, not bad. Although some of the instrument choices detract from it. The pseudo-aahs for instance are too "undefined" and you can hear the sample loops sometimes, too.
Boom... Little bit weak if you ask me... Drums are odd..
Liked this, found it really relaxing, not sure about the lead synth vocal tho
Great idea.. Yeah it has its problems, but you can deffo hear what he was attempting. Think I'd really love this if the overall quality was improved
It's a different idea that's been taken on this tune, and even if the instrument choices aren't too hot, the idea still manages to work - just.
Very nice first attempt... And good to fly away... :) (dj_skitz: nah, will never ask u, love the drums :-)
We've had gol's nice remix of this already!
Definitely like the exotic percussion but everything else is just boring
Too slow for me.
Good idea, but the lead is a bit monotonous to give the song the flow it needs.
Too synthie without anything which could make this remix 'special' in a way... Sorry. Not my taste of a remix here...
Like so many mixes, this one also suffers of monotony and lack of diversity.
This is the kind of song that makes you feel good to be alive!
Sounds like a background music for a PC game, where it's the 16th century and you use sailboats to trade your goods between Spain and America or somethin. I always mute the music in those games.:-)

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