Paperboy (Highscore Re-Remix 2005)

Track info
Paperboy (Highscore Re-Remix 2005)
Arranged by:
CZ Tunes Veteran
Composed by:
Mark Cooksey
All-Time charts position:
Hi there.
After a long time,i try to made a new remix.
This is the new version of my old paperboy remix without any sidsamples.
Some people like it with sidsamples,someone without sidsamples.
Now there will be 2 Version's. ;o)
The tune was made with Mad Tracker.
I like the simple melody of this tune (it's easier to remix hehehe)
As i start the remix,i change sometimes the lead synth.But i choose this one, to come closly to the old remix.
Thanks to everyone for the nice words about the remix. ;o))
Contact me for any question or something else.
(ps: i hope you understand my broken english)
Yay CZ is back... New style for him too. Everything rings quality although I feel the lead is a little weak, shame that. Still nice stuff this.
Clear and pleasant mixing here, but my ears just don't agree with those drums. They're boring to death in my opinion. Part from that a good mix!
Really enjoyed the laid back feel of this one - plenty of classical touches and gentle ambient sways. The lead unfortunately needs changing though, it's a bit weak and needs to be a bit more emotive. Excellent feel all round otherwise, though.
Great to see CZ back but I got a little bored with the mix and the lead is ringing in my ears
Clear sound.. No more sid noises either.. Showing a fair bit of progression.. But pretty much a 1:1 copy of the original tune which I am finding harder and harder to live with, its all been done before. But this is still a very competent tune.
The original speed was good, this version is tooo slow and mornful
One of my all time favourite SIDs... This remix had become red if Chris has choosen more realistic instruments and a softer drum pattern
Unfortunately, slowing this tune down was a bad decision: somehow the very soul of this piece is lost at this speed. Nice drums, though!
Sorry, it doesn't work for me...
The lead is annoying and the xylophone or whatever it is, is too sloppy. Sounds a bit too much computer made. The last part pushes it up to a Good mark.
Some parts sound so much like an Amiga mod it's untrue - I reccomend updating the soundbank with samples of higher frequencies.
This is an interesting and plodding approach. It's not boring, but it doesn't quite have the kick.
I like the slow tempo. The tune sounds better this way than it did in the original SID. But the SID is too repetitive for a full-length remix, so this one gets boring after like 2 minutes. Good mixing, though!

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