D.Spronk - Parallax Subtune 4 (NGR)

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D.Spronk Remixer
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This is VERY good, only thing for me is that on the odd occaision there's a few wrong notes... They are limited mind you. The overall idea and implementation rocks though.
This SID has been remixed so many times now but I would put this version up there in the top 5. Nice pads running throughout and simple drum riff. The "delayed" effect on the chord preggression doesnt work though... A bit short too
It's a nice effort, with plenty of atmosphere in the ELO-like vocal bits. The wrong notes in the tune though mean it has to be downmarked. Correct that and it'll be even better.
Hmm... Starts good, but does not continue that way...
Strangely compelling despite the fact its a bit out of tune and dodgy... But im loving it anyway.. Great stuff
The rocky part comes unexpected, but somehow it works.:)
Nice 80's pop version, but the timing doesn't quite fit. Sounds a bit off-key in the chord changes. The drums sets a standard though!
Starts very similar to the versions on the "BIT3" or "Crystal Dreamscapes" albums. I guess there are not that many ways to do the beginning. The rest is oh-kay, but I'm not blown away by it.
A brilliant take on the original SID with some great drum work and chords. Just wish it were longer
This is outstanding quite simply because it is a great production. This is a pop tune that could easily be in the charts as far as I am concerned with just a little tweaking. It wears it's heart on it's sleeve and for that alone a reddie from me!
It starts so nice, great intro! But then it becomes so odd with wrong chords and stuff. The guitars should be replaced with something synthy for my taste.

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