Defiance - Wizardry (Happy Clappy)

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Defiance Veteran
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Good effort of a sid often covered very poorly and unimaginitively. This version has a good stab at it which unfortunately is still not yet covered glouriously. Better than much of the rest mind.
Not bad not bad, but lacks any type of imagination with it and is very overshadowed by Chronbloms version
Its a little on the twee side this, but non offensive. There could have been alot more put into this as it stands though.. Its alright.
Piano was pretty good, not much else to say.
Quite ordinary, adds nothing new to the original and doesn't sound well finished either. Still OK.
Happy sound, but something is missing...
Certainly happy and clappy, a great idea, but the execution is lacking the necessary punch and refined mixing.
Noway, the drums do not fit... Don't hear wrong notes, only an adaption ;-)
At first I thought it was midi. Lifeless.
I know this has been remixed 1000 times already, but I like this approach, especially the excessive piano use. I don't consider the notes at 0:44 wrong, it's just a different interpretation.
Boring. Wrong notes at 0:44 also. (They do not "sound" wrong but are different from the original without adding depth to the composition. They even sound more generic. So they're wrong indeed.)
Poor instruments and lack of ideas...
Not my cup of tea at all. Piano is nice for the lead, but not for the left hand too, can't stand the choir instrument either. Thanks for writing something I hate for a change :-)

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