DJ Mitch - Toytone Caf (Piano Tribe Mix)

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Toytone Caf (Piano Tribe Mix)
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DJ Mitch Remixer
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Toytone Café

I had this tune for months in my mind.

Last year I heard at Slay Radio DaFunk's "Toytone Tribe" for the first time. The harmonies of toytone tribe reminded me at Café del Mar. Simply one of the best dance tracks of the 90ies. So I had the Idea of a combination of both tracks. Well Dudes, here it is.

PS: The right name of this remix is "Toytone Café". For some reasons RKO doesn't support the french letter "é".

Very nice interpretation and some very clean sounding dance instruments which work well together. Very clubby sounding and enjoyable.
To me this needs some variations and a lot more compression / mastering. This simply would not sound good in a club
This one sounds so damn familiar, as if I've already heard it before. They must be changing something in the Matrix right now. Nice drumwork! DJ Mitch's best so far!
Felt dull at first, but when the piano kicked in I loved it.
Nice one.
Has that run-of-the-mill dance feel to it, but technically it's pretty good and clean.
Unz unz unz unz (with added chuggchoogy noises) its a bit on the loud side but it's making my ears flap so.. Sod it :) greatstuff.
I quite like it, but it feels a little dry and unfinished. Though, it's still groovy!:)
Nice one.. But It lacks somewhat in the mastering and it's kinda pale overall but the arrangement is superb!! More please
Great work, although it sounds a little dense.
I thought it was going to break into Sonique - It feels so good after the first second of listening. A nice dance version of this tune, would have enjoyed a few discreet bleeps and blops in the mix to break up some of the repetativeness.
Needs lots of variations...
Excellent implimentation - but dj skitz is correct needs compression and mastering but it kicks arse
Great work my friend hope to meat you @the love parade
Very nice trance stuff, but not that innovative.
I simply love it!
Great mix :o)
Very Great mix
Good remix. Energy 52 - Cafe del Mar & Totone tribe :) Original one.
DJ Mitch halt :-)

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