Dusty Rancourt - Commando (Silky Oblivion Mix)

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Not exactly original but enjoyable all the same
A few years ago, I started a Commando remix myself, and I chose a style that was almost identical to this remix. I abandoned the project because it just didn't work out with synthetic guitar play. Nuff said :)
I think it's a good effort, it's a mix between rock and dance but never manages to pull either off.. But not a bad effort.
Sorry, getting tired of hearing this one covered in a rock style.... Let the PPOT chaps have this one.
Trying a fusion of rock and squelchy trance just doesn't work for this track. And it's too obvious a choice of tune as well. It's not bad, but it just doesn't raise the bar at all and I got bored of it on repeat listens.
Nah, to cover Commando you have to come up with something more original than this, since it's been covered a gazillion times already.
Sounds absolutely unfinished. The never changing drumloop gets annoying soon.
No real difference here to what you'd have heard nearly 3/4 years ago.. But still.. Its alright
Sorry this mix don't add anything
Good, but reallly could have been done better.
How can some vote a yellow? If yellow would stand for "pissed"...:-)
Not bad, although there's nothing earth-shatteringly original here. A bit flat, the synth guitar could've been done better.
The lead starts getting on my nerves after 3 minutes of listening. This one goes to silky oblivion for me.
The drumloop destroys the whole track.

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